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Noise Complaint Information

The Port of Oakland encourages residents to perform their own aircraft noise investigation at the complaint website, WebTrak or submit an aircraft nose complaint if they still have questions or concerns after their investigation. Our greatest priority is to respond to phone calls and website submitted complaints in a timely manner. The Noise Management Office reviews all comments or complaints and responds as soon as possible with appropriate and pertinent information. PLEASE NOTE: Any complaint that contains vulgar or offensive language will not be logged as a complaint. File a Noise Complaint.

Response To Citizens

When making a complaint, if you request more information, you will receive a response from the noise abatement office. In general, first time complaints receive a written response. If you wish to be contacted by telephone, two attempts will be made to reach you and at least one message is left, if possible.

Investigating Aircraft Noise Events

Members of the community can view flight tracks of aircraft operations at WebTrak with a 20 minute delay or playback the desired time period. Click here to view flight tracks.

How Do I File a Noise Complaint?


Noise complaints will be accepted until the 7th of the month for the previous month.  Complaints received after that date will not be logged.