GRE Night Shot | Oakland International Airport Noise ManagementThe Airport is committed to minimizing the effect of aircraft noise to the extent possible on surrounding communities while maintaining a safe and efficient air transportation center.

To help manage noise effectively, the Airport has a 24-hour Noise Report Hotline, (510) 563-6463, to record citizens' concerns about aircraft noise. Staff can also be reached by submitting a noise investigation report under the File Noise Complaint tab using the WebTrak service. Our first priority is to respond to complaint calls and e-mails. Staff in the Noise Management Office review all feedback received and respond as soon as possible with pertinent information.

To provide accurate information, staff analyzes data from our computerized system that integrates flight data, aircraft information and noise levels recorded on 14 permanent microphones located in Alameda, San Leandro and San Lorenzo. When an aircraft makes too much noise in the surrounding communities and our analysis indicates non-compliance, we consult with pilots and air traffic controllers to try and minimize future recurrences.

The Port of Oakland, in cooperative working relationships with local communities, has developed and implemented a wide variety of aircraft noise abatement procedures and programs to mitigate the effects of aircraft noise. Numerous reports are compiled quarterly that provide detailed information on compliance monitoring and performance.

  • Staff Biographies
  • Doreen Stockdale
  • Doreen Stockdale is the Noise Abatement and Environmental Affairs Supervisor. Prior to joining the Port of Oakland, Doreen was the Assistant Airport Manager for Napa County Airport, and she was the Environmental and Community Relations Officer for Country Costa County Airports. Doreen holds an Aviation Business Bachelor of Science degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a MBA degree, with a focus in Human Resources from California State University Hayward.
  • Jesse Richardson
  • Jesse Richardson is the the Senior Airport Noise Abatement Specialist at the Oakland International Airport Noise/Environmental Affairs Office. Prior to joining the Airport Noise Management Office in December 2008, Jesse worked as an electrical engineer for the Port of Oakland specializing in control systems. Jesse holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Davis.
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