Matt Davis

Airport Operations Manager Matt Davis joined OAK in 2010 as an Aviation Security Superintendent and now oversees the Airside Operations Department at the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport. Prior To working for OAK, Matt worked in numerous capacities in Operations and Security at Washington Dulles and San Jose International Airports. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Administration degree from San Jose State University.

Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is the Airport Noise Abatement and Environmental Affairs Supervisor at the San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport Noise/Environmental Affairs Office. Prior to joining the Airport Noise Management Office in December 2008, Jesse worked as an electrical engineer for the Port of Oakland, specializing in control systems. Jesse holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of California, Davis. When he is not hiking or spending time at the ocean, Jesse puts his positive attitude and energy to use by encouraging others.