The North Field Group was formed to address aircraft noise issues associated with the operation of the North Field or general aviation facility of San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport.

As a technical sub-committee of the Noise Forum, the North Field Group meets quarterly and is chaired by the Airport Operations Manager Airside. The group consists of staff from the cities of Alameda and San Leandro, residents from both communities, and airport staff. FAA representatives and airport users serve as advisors to the group. In 1997, the Director of Aviation formed this technical work group to look at alternative nighttime flight routes/patterns for the North Field at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport. The North Field Group has been effective in addressing aircraft noise issues and in providing an educational forum for citizens, agency staff, and airport operators to discuss the issues and understand them from a variety of perspectives. Since its inception, the group meets to evaluate noise abatement alternatives for North Field flights at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport and reviews noise abatement compliance monitoring data.