Published On: April 15, 2024Categories: Community Info

Discover how OAK and the surrounding airspace operate specific to your location with the new InsightFull application

San Francisco Bay San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport’s Noise Office has launched a new web portal geared toward providing location-specific information for the communities surrounding OAK.

The new platform, called InsightFull, is a self-serve web portal that helps residents better understand the impacts airport operations may have in their communities. InsightFull empowers residents to self-investigate, with easy-to-understand dashboards that provide answers to the specific questions they have around airport noise and operations.

In the new portal, residents can view flight data tailored to their neighborhoods, explore OAK’s operational flight patterns, investigate the differences between flight operations associated with the North and South fields of the airport, and learn about the impacts of unusual operations due to events or weather impacts.

The InsightFull portal is a cutting-edge product offered by Envirosuite that translates the dense data provided by Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring Systems (ANOMS) into easy-to-read live and location-specific data. Leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics, InsightFull provides airports, aviation stakeholders, and community members, with invaluable insights into environmental and operational factors.

In 2020, OAK installed state-of-the-art Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU) terminals and performed ANOMS upgrades. InsightFull now unlocks the wealth of information in these ANOMS by combining live and location specific data with the airport’s existing content library. It then delivers that data in a user-friendly portal that communities surrounding the airport can access for free.

Visit the new portal Contact the OAK Airport Noise Management Office at [email protected] with any questions or visit for more information.