The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport will be closing Runway 12/30 for an extended period for scheduled rubber removal Sunday, July 28, through Monday, July 29, 10:30 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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Taxiway W Phase 2 Project

The rehabilitation of Taxiway Whiskey (W) continues with the portion between W5 and W6 slated for closure to complete pavement and lighting improvements. The project scope includes repaving between W5 and W6 and upgrade in-pavement guidance lights. This project is funded through the FAA Airport Improvement Program.During this work, portions of Taxiway W will be closed from July 15, 2024, through Aug. 4, 2024. Closing portions of Taxiway Whiskey may impact operations on the main runway, which could result in additional jet departures and arrivals on North Field. Aircraft may overfly residential areas and residents may experience unusual aircraft noise. [...]

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Runway 12/30 Pavement Repair Project Begins Early May 2024

The Port of Oakland is responsible for maintenance of all pavement at OAK, including airfield pavement for taxiways, runways, aprons, and vehicle service roads. Inspections performed as a part of the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of critical Port infrastructure revealed that preventative maintenance was necessary for the primary air carrier runway, Runway 12/30, at OAK. The specific area to be repaired entails two patches, approximately 28 feet wide and 1,100 feet long on either side of the runway centerline. In addition, pavement cracks suitable for conventional crack sealing will also be addressed at this time. The Runway 12/30 pavement repair [...]

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OAK Launches Web Portal with Location-Specific Airport Information

Discover how OAK and the surrounding airspace operate specific to your location with the new InsightFull application San Francisco Bay San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport’s Noise Office has launched a new web portal geared toward providing location-specific information for the communities surrounding OAK. The new platform, called InsightFull, is a self-serve web portal that helps residents better understand the impacts airport operations may have in their communities. InsightFull empowers residents to self-investigate, with easy-to-understand dashboards that provide answers to the specific questions they have around airport noise and operations. In the new portal, residents can view flight [...]

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2023 Fleet Week Operations at San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport

Fleet Week 2023: Oct. 1-9OAK will serve as the temporary home to most of the Air Show performers:Blue Angelsother military aircraftaerobatic aircraftDescription of General ActivityDuring Fleet Week, Blue Angel operations are anticipated off the North Field during many of the times listed below, and residents off the departure end of Runways 28L/28R will experience an increased level of noise. On arrival, Blue Angel aircraft typically perform a “carrier break,” which generally brings the aircraft overhead of the airfield, after which time they will initiate a descending 270 degree right turn towards the runway. Residents immediately north and east of the [...]

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Taxiway W Rehabilitation Project

Taxiway W is one of the most used taxiways at the airport. Inspections performed as a part of the Airport Pavement Management System (APMS) identified Taxiway W as a top priority for rehabilitation and the Phase 1 section identified in the project map as the most critical. The rehabilitation of Taxiway W is anticipated to be completed in phases over the next two years. The Taxiway W Rehabilitation Project will repave the existing taxiway and upgrade in-pavement guidance lights. The project scope includes pavement and lighting work on Taxiway Whiskey (W), lighting work on Taxiway Uniform (U), and temporary [...]

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Polite Pilots Make Progress on Noise Abatement in Third Quarter

2,326. That is the number of times that corporate pilots taxied to Runway 30 and followed noise abatement procedures during takeoff at OAK last quarter. That’s a 94 percent compliance rate. So, we want to say thanks to every polite pilot who made the extra effort to be a good neighbor this last quarter. That small effort to use Runway 30 makes a huge difference for families and community members who make their home at the end of Runway 10. We track our progress every quarter to see how successful we are and gauge the progress we are making. Each [...]

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