Published On: July 5, 2023Categories: Community Info

Map graphic showing the Taxiway W Pavement Rehabilitation plan, Phase 1Taxiway W is one of the most used taxiways at the airport. Inspections performed as a part of the Airport Pavement Management System (APMS) identified Taxiway W as a top priority for rehabilitation and the Phase 1 section identified in the project map as the most critical. The rehabilitation of Taxiway W is anticipated to be completed in phases over the next two years.

The Taxiway W Rehabilitation Project will repave the existing taxiway and upgrade in-pavement guidance lights. The project scope includes pavement and lighting work on Taxiway Whiskey (W), lighting work on Taxiway Uniform (U), and temporary activation of Taxiway U Prime. This project is funded through the FAA Airport Improvement Program.

During this work, portions of Taxiway W will be closed from July 10, 2023, through October 23, 2023. Closing portions of Taxiway W will restrict access to the main runway; please expect jet departures and arrivals on North Field. Aircraft may overfly residential areas and residents may experience unusual aircraft noise. Dates are subject to change.

Download the project map (PDF)