During inclement weather conditions or when the wind direction in the Bay Area is from the southeast, the Oakland International Airport may operate in the Southeast Plan, a reverse air traffic flow which may cause abnormal aircraft noise events.

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Polite Pilots Make Progress on Noise Abatement in Last Quarter

2,948. That is the number of times that corporate pilots taxied to Runway 30 and followed noise abatement procedures during takeoff at OAK last quarter. That’s a 95 percent compliance rate. So, we want to say thanks to every polite pilot who made the extra effort to be a good neighbor this last quarter. That small effort to use Runway 30 makes a huge difference for families and community members who make their home at the end of Runway 10. We track our progress every quarter to see how successful we are and gauge the progress we are making. Each of [...]

March 22, 2022|Categories: Community Info, Pilot Info|

Why Runway 30?

One of the main noise abatement procedures that the OAK Noise Management Program focuses on is encouraging all corporate pilots to depart from Runway 30. But why? Why, when a runway sits right outside the corporate hangars, do pilots need to taxi over to Runway 30? Departing the North Field (Runways 28R/L and 33) puts aircraft directly over the Alameda community just as they are at full throttle during takeoff — the noisiest portion of their flight. With regular jet traffic departing overhead, the neighborhood would have noise impacts that are both disruptive in volume and nearly constant in [...]

March 2, 2022|Categories: Pilot Info|
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